Construction and post-cleaning works

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Cleaning services

  • If you do not find the right helper, cleaning work can become a real horror after the repair. The Southland company offers modern and professional cleaning services for customers who care for their comfort.

After construction or renovation, any place reminds you of the dusty warehouse, not the place of residence or work. There is a place where the rubbish is stored instead of things. After cleaning, complex cleaning work is required to make space available for use. The results of the construction process are reflected in self-contained garbage dump piles, spots on the surface, dust and dirt, stained windows and so on.
Post-construction cleaning requires:

  • Time;
  • Professional staff;
  • Special detergents.
  • Cleaning the house after repair should be done carefully. Any wrong action, such as using an incorrect cleaning agent, can lead to injuries on the surface.