Southland furniture, which is part of Southland, offers the following services:

Preparation of furniture with order

  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Bed
  • Child
  • Children’s beds
  • Wardrobe rooms
  • Commercial furniture
  • Tables
  • Cupboard
  • Corner cupboards
  • Folding beds
  • Corridor furniture
  • Stools, book shelves
  • Television booths

Preparation of furniture for hotels and hotels

  • Furniture for hotel rooms
  • Furniture for Reception Zones
  • Furniture for lounges
  • Furniture for the hotel lobby
  • Furniture for personnel’s rest rooms
  • Furniture for conference halls
  • Furniture for restaurants and cafes
  • Furniture for terraces, loggia and balconies

Our company has been successfully operating in the field of furniture manufacturing since 2012 in the world.